Caravan and RV road safety campaign launched in Australia

There are an estimated 741,000 registered RVs and caravans in Australia, and it is predicted that up to 14 million nights and 3.3 million camping trips will be taken in the country during its upcoming summer as the surge in popularity for the pastime continues. With all this as context, industry body the Caravan Industry of Australia (CIAA) has launched a new caravan and RV road safety campaign to help reduce the number of accidents and incidents on the country’s roads and campgrounds.

Keelan Howard, general manager of marketing and communications of the CIAA said: “Safety is always important but with an expected surge in travel this summer with over 741,000 registered RVs in Australia and additional interest from ‘first timers’ due to Covid preventing international holidaying, now is a crucial time to put this messaging ‘front of mind’.”

CIAA has developed in partnership with other state caravan associations, professional service providers and other relevant bodies such as the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Queensland Trucking Association free to access consumer digital and print educational assets. This information will be presented using easy to digest videos, engaging online quizzes and written content across email, social media, and digital platforms. Each year tens of thousands of handbooks are distributed for free.

Two of the CIAA’s premier digital assets for such communication will be the National Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide and Co-Exist.