The electric campervan revolution calls for a taxi

The London taxi (or cab) is almost as iconic as a red phonebox or a red double-decker bus, but it probably wasn’t on your 2021 bingo card that it could become the latest cutting-edge electric base vehicle for campervans. That curveball appears to be on the cards as one of the UK’s best-known campervan converters, Wellhouse Leisure, has announced it is planning to do a campervan build on the new London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) VN5 van later this year.

LEVC has long made London cabs and is now, in fact, part of Chinese firm Geely Auto Group, which also owns Swedish car brand Volvo, and this latest ‘cab’ is a specifically-made electric van with some real potential. The VN5 features a 148bhp electric motor and Euro 6 petrol engine that can extend the mileage to around 300 miles on a single charge. It has been built as an electric van from the ground up, so not just an existing combustion engine van turned electric. LEVC claims that the VN5 redefines expectations of what electric vans can do, stating it “can offer true zero-emissions transport with none of the downsides. An on-board range-extender, multiple drive modes, flexible charging and outstanding efficiency are built in as standard.”

Perhaps it’s a no-brainer then that innovative campervan converter Wellhouse has set its sights on creating an electric campervan on this seemingly impressive base vehicle.


Wellhouse has produced a short video highlight the key features of the vehicle. As the video reviewer Peter Rosenthal rightly says: “Now for something completely different!”


Video copywright of Wellhouse Leisure. Images copywright of LEVC.