From horse boxes to luxury homes from home

More often than not when camping, we have to sacrifice some of the home comforts that we normally enjoy in order to be in the outdoors. However, one Belgian motorhome producer is hoping to blow a hole in that old adage with its latest collection of builds for 2021.

STX Motorhomes, a sub-brand of hugely successful horsebox builder Stephex Group, is hoping to make real inroads into the motorhome market with its collection of premium quality and stylishly designed units. Built on Mercedes Actros base vehicles, the STX motorhomes feature bright and cosy Nordic interior designs using leather, carbon fibre, selected timbers and gorgeous high-end fabrics. They are also generous on space thanks to intelligent modular solutions and a high degree of customisability and pop-out expansions, depending on the model. 

The STX Eila Edition is the most accomplished motorhome STX makes with four pop-outs – two for the living and kitchen area and two pop-outs for the bedroom area.

The STX 2 Pop-Outs & Garage is one of the most popular models, featuring refined lines and its captivating design combined with intuitive technology. 

The STX 3 Pop-Outs has a striking design and linear look, with no less than three pop-outs yield a very generous and stunning interior space.

STX Motorhomes specialises in custom builds for a variety of professions, including cycling and motorsports. They can build a single or multiple fully customised motorhomes to suit your needs or the needs of your team.