Interview: Bernd Wuschack of Carthago Reisemobil

Back in the second issue of Camping Trade World, we asked some of the biggest players in the German caravanning and RV market to give us their views on the business. Carthago managing director of sales, marketing and customer service Bernd Wuschack was one of those players – and he gave us his viewpoint in this candid interview. 

CTW: How is the camping/leisure vehicle market in Germany right now? What is its current state/health?

Bernd Wushcack: The image of our form of vacation has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Caravanning is in. In addition, the German market has been the fastest growing in Europe for years - and it continues to grow. It is the industry's driving force. Therefore, it's all the nicer that Germany is our domestic market. In these special times of the pandemic, we get an additional push in development as customers seek the spontaneous, independent and safe holiday.

CTW: What is the biggest opportunity in the market right now?

BW: Due to the change in image, our form of vacation is experiencing increased demand. The Corona pandemic has additionally strengthened this trend. As a result, our products have become the focus of many new potential customers.

CTW: What is the biggest challenge facing the German leisure vehicle sector?

BW: The increased demand on the one hand, increases the requirements for the manufacturers on the other side. We must succeed in inspiring the many new interested people with our products and thus retain them in the long term. In addition, the infrastructure in customer service by the manufacturers and in the number of campsites must be expanded accordingly

CTW: How do you think 2021 will be for the industry?

BW: This year will be another very challenging year. We hope that as many of the trade shows as possible can take place in Europe so that we can present our new products. At the same time, we hope for great demand and a lot of traffic at the POS of our dealers. Another challenge is the supply of the required parts against the background of bottlenecks from materials and logistics.

CTW: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

BW: It would be beneficial for our industry if the legal restrictions through exhaust emission standards or the driving licence limit of 3.5 tonnes were relaxed or simplified.

CTW: Without giving away any secrets, what are your company’s future plans?

BW: Our clear goal is to continue to grow. We are convinced that our form of vacation will continue to develop positively in the future. And we want to further expand our position as the leading manufacturer of premium motorhomes in Europe.

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