SilverLeaf Electronics acquired by Winegard

Smart wireless solutions expert Winegard, which produces products for the home, RV, marine and industrial markets, has announced its acquisition of leading RV-systems developer SilverLeaf Electronics. In an acquisition that Winegard says will bring together some of the best minds working in RV electronics together under one roof, the company hopes to keep developing life-enhancing products for RV users.

SilverLeaf founder Martin Perlot will stay on as the general manager of SilverLeaf and also take on the role of Winegard’s vice president of digital chassis.

Winegard president and COO Grant Whipple said: “This acquisition gives Winegard a strategic advantage as we move toward delivering a seamless and connected smart RV experience. 

“SilverLeaf has some of the best minds in the business. Many of their products are the industry gold-standard. I’m incredibly excited about SilverLeaf’s control and monitoring system, which connects to crucial RV systems such as tank levels, battery management, and power controls. 

“Pairing this interior experience with a robust network connection provided by Winegard and WiFi Ranger hotspots and data plans is exactly what RVers are looking for right now. 

“Manufacturers and dealers are also searching for ways to track and monitor their products, so they’re able to offer a more personalized experience to RV end users. Through cloud technology, we can now provide the data analysis solutions they want.

“We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us for 2021 and beyond based on our growing new product lines. Bringing SilverLeaf onboard is an exciting way to kick off this drive.”