Study shows RVing is a big hitter for American economy

New data released by USA’s Bureau of Economic Analysis has revealed that outdoor recreation is worth an impressive $459.8billion to the American economy (2.1 per cent of its GPD), with RVing playing a significant role in the figures.

RVing was noted as the second largest conventional outdoor activity, behind only fishing and boating, and was worth $18.6billion in current-dollar value added in 2019. It was the largest activity in 10 different states and the second largest in 22 states and the District of Columbia – proving that it was a thriving and growing industry way before any effects of the current pandemic, which many sources claim has only helped to boost the RV industry.

The study also revealed that arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services was the sector with the largest contribution the US outdoor recreation sector’s value ($128.5billion). This was closely followed by the retail trade ($98.6billion) and the manufacturing industry ($55billion).


Top five states for RVing (dollar value added):

Indiana – $3.4billion

Texas – $1.6billion

California – $1.5billion

Florida – $1.1billion

Ohio – $646.3million