Working from the campsite, Lippert hosts strategy meeting from RVs

American RV and leisure product supplier Lippert Components Inc (LCI) has highlighted the importance of its team living the lifestyle of the industry they work in by hosting its latest annual strategy meeting at a campsite. Senior leaders from the company headed to Petoskey RV Resort in northern Michigan back in October in a convoy of RVs for the meeting in a bid to show that they live the lifestyle they advocate for.

Jason Lippert, CEO of LCI, said: “Having strategic planning meetings while camping is typical of the ways in which we try to drive innovation that make LCI the leader in RV and mobile lifestyle enhancement solutions.

“It’s extremely important to us to practice what we preach at LCI, so we decided to set an example to encourage others to get involved in the RV and camping culture. Our goal is to get back to the basics and continuously experience RVing first-hand to have an understanding of what is needed for a successful camping trip; because, ultimately, we want to supply consumers with the best RV products and solutions to make memories that will last a lifetime.”

This working from the campsite approach not only helps the company stay deeply connected to the industry it works in, it also has many desirable effects on the staff and business as a whole. James added: “The outcome of many LCI team members being familiar with the RV lifestyle would lead to better ideas, better decisions, and better products overall.

“We are especially driving this mentality down to our sales and engineering team members for this very reason. Not only do we want them to get involved because this is the type of work they do, but we encourage it simply because RV camping is truly enjoyable. We urge everyone to experience the benefits of RV camping – because we know if they love it, they’ll make an effort to help others love it just as much. That alone will help us really determine what our consumers want as we’re driving a lot of the supply chains for the RV industry.”