Fast-growing Scalabros enjoying RV market success

After working for several years as export sales managers in the commercial and industrial vehicle markets, brothers Benedetto and Giovanni Scalabrini decided they wanted to set-up on their own. They founded Scalabros – and have since gone on to create a successful business, with the RV market its latest growth area.

Benedetto explains: “We believe that our biggest success is probably yet to come but it could be thanks to the incorporation of our North American branch in 2020. In fact, due to the Covid situation, we only started its real activities in August 2021, and we see great potential coming from there, especially from the luxury RVs.”

The company has solid plans to increase the sales of its van manual roller awning and hopes to soon develop models for higher vans such as the Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter and Ram Promaster – it also plans to create a motorised one for bigger vehicles, which again are largely found in the North American market.

Benedetto explains that Scalabros will definitely be exhibiting at Caravan Salon once again in Dusseldorf, Germany this summer as it believes that it gained good traction there last year. He said: “We think that there are a lot of Motorhome manufactures who may be interested in our rollerblinds, and van converters who may appreciate - as they did last year - our rolling awning. This is an awning that one person alone can open and close quickly thanks to its retracting system, it’s compact and quite good looking. Last year we had just the 180cm and 200cm sizes, this year we developed also the 250cm. We’ll also bring a new version of our self-sticking darkening cloth, which has no Alcantara, so it’s cheaper and lighter, and whereas last year we were proposing it just in rolls and customers had to cut to the shape of their vehicles, this year we developed the pre-cut sets for the VWT6 and the Ford Transit.”

Due to its history, its ethics, and its family-run set-up, Scalabros is a company that is a pleasure to work with in the RV industry. As Benedetto puts it: “[People should want to work with us] thanks to our flexibility and reliability. We are born as a commercial company, so the customers are our kings, who wouldn’t like to be treated as a king?”