New OLPRO awning has it all wrapped up

Innovation is something that is probably harder to achieve in the world of awnings, but that is exactly what British brand OLPRO has done with its latest Wrap drive away inflatable campervan awning. As the name suggests, the awning is design to wrap around the shape of a campervan at the side and the rear, drastically increasing the usable camping space on any camping pitch.

The awning can be divided into two two-berth sleeping compartments at the rear of its shape and a further two berth sleeping area at the side, meaning it can comfortably sleep six if required. All the door panels can be removed to make it an ideal relaxing location for the daytime.

The shape of the awning means that a large living area exists between the two sleeping areas and the awning connects to a van via a roll-up door, meaning you can leave the awning erected and drive away in the van for trips out.

Made from 150DOxford, which is fully waterproof with a 5,000 hydrostatic head rating and featuring fully taped seams – it is also an awning clearly about quality as well as quirky design.