VW California proves power of campervan market

Despite a slight decline in number of vehicles shipped year-on-year by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) in 2021, its presence in the camping market continues to thrive with California models showing strong growth. VWCV supplied a total of 359,500 vehicles to customers in 2021, which represented a slight year-on-year drop of about 3.2 per cent, largely down to the challenges caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, despite that, it supplied 23,300 of its California models (Crafter and Caddy), which represented a tremendous increase of 28.7 per cent – proving that the camping market remains a very strong area for the German automotive giant.

“While we were almost able to maintain our previous year’s level in terms of units shipped, we are seeing very high, growing demand for our vehicles,” explained Lars Krause, brand board of management member for sales and marketing at VWCV. “Last year alone orders received went up nearly 20 per cent compared to the year before. That’s a strong result for VWCV. Our main task for the coming months is therefore to continue during this tough production situation to work through fulfilling our high number of orders.”

As well as success in the campervan segment, VWCV also saw growth in the electrified vehicle market too, an impressive 35.1 per cent increase including models such as the eCrafter and ID. Buzz.

The full figures for vehicle shipments in 2021 for VWCV are as follows:

T series – 166,400 (+14.8 per cent)

Caddy – 85,200 (-24.5 per cent)

Amarok – 45,400 (-13.0 per cent)

Crafter – 62,300 (+1.0 per cent)

California models – 23,300 (+28.7 per cent)

Electric models – 3,600 (+35.1 per cent)

In terms of regional breakdown, VWCV’s strongest markets in Europe remain Germany (91,00 vehicles), the United Kingdom (36,800) and France (15,300). In South America, a general growth trend continues that is largely driven by the Argentinian market, which saw a 44.6 per cent increase to 18,700 vehicles. The Middle East also recorded growth, which was all the more impressive given the region had a strong 2020 – an overall growth of 12.9 per cent was recorded to reach 16,600 vehicles in 2021. In Africa, South Africa was the strongest market achieving a rise to 5,200 vehicles. Elsewhere Australia grew from 10,500 vehicles in 2020 to 12,500 in 2021.