German caravan industry shows first quarter growth

Demand and interest in the caravanning industry in Germany remains high with the country’s Caravan Industry Association (CIVD) reporting a total of 23,770 new leisure vehicle registrations in the first quarter of 2023. This figure is 3.1 per cent up on the same period last year and represents the second best-ever result for this period.

Within this figure, the caravan segment recorded a decline compared with the previous year, with 5,291 new registrations (-5.1 percent), while new registrations of motor caravans rose by 5.7 percent to 18,479 units. These results are an initial indicator that motor caravan production is recovering from the challenges of the previous year.

After a year of many challenges, the caravanning industry has laid the groundwork for a successful 2023 caravanning year at the start of the season. Daniel Onggowinarso, managing director of CIVD, said: “People still have a great desire for holidaying in a motor caravan or caravan. An end to this trend is not in sight either. The challenge for our industry is to meet the huge demand. Unfortunately, manufacturers were only able to do this under very difficult conditions last year. However, the supply situation now looks much more positive. Caravans are currently in very good supply, and the development in motor caravan production is also positive. So, it's worth stopping by your dealership right now.”

CIVD reports that despite the challenges of faltering supply chains, pandemic-related personnel shortages of skilled workers, and the cross-industry effects of the war in Ukraine, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the caravan and motorhome market. For starters, the supply chain problems are being met with creative solutions by motorhome manufacturers, who are focussing on a broader range of supply vehicles. The other upshot is that caravan demand and manufacturing has grown in light of the challenges faced by the motorhome side. There is also plenty of reason to believe that the enthusiasm of Germans for caravanning as a form of holidaying remains strong. The excellent visitor figures at the latest caravanning trade fairs are impressive proof of this trend. Interest among newcomers in particular remains high, as shown by the high demand for rental vehicles at the start of this year's season. Renting a motor caravan or caravan is considered the classic introduction to caravanning. These positive developments are very encouraging for the caravanning industry, which is starting the caravanning year 2023 with optimism after a very challenging 2022.