Isabella partners with recycling creative collective

Danish awning manufacturer Isabella has entered into a partnership with Sheworks, a creative collective that uses leftover materials from manufacturers to make new zero-waste products. The partnership will see Isabella donating excess and leftover materials from the manufacturing of its products that would have otherwise been discarded to Sheworks, which turns them into smartly designed products including bags, curtains, cushions and many other fabric accessories. 

Sheworks, also a Danish company, is also active in helping immigrant and refugee women in Denmark find work and integrate with society. Many of its workers are immigrants or refugees who are looking for work – Sheworks seeks to help them by creating jobs in the local community of Kolding, where it is based.

A statement from Isabella said: “At Isabella, we are happy to be able to contribute to recycling through upcycling of our materials and help to make a meaningful integration of immigrants and refugee women in the Danish labour market.”