Lippert introduces new Virtual Remote Assistant for RV users

RV components expert Lippert has revealed a new Virtual Remote Assistant (VRA) that will allow customers to communicate with support staff quickly and easily for their technical support. The VRA has been launched by the Lippert Customer Care Center and uses advanced technology to allow end users to communicate with support staff through video conferencing and photos. It is a non-intrusive support platform that works from the web browser of the customer’s smartphone and prevents the need for downloading an app – a simple link can be supplied by the Customer Care Center team.

“The Visual Remote Assistant will revolutionize the customer service experience for Lippert customers,” said Lora Carleton, business architect overseeing the implementation of the new technology in the Lippert Customer Care Center. “We’re leading our industry with this unique and highly useful technology which greatly improves the service we provide to our customers by providing new tools to communicate more thoroughly.”

Meanwhile, project manager for the Customer Care Center team, Lacey Ray, added: “The VRA is unintrusive and works on the customers’ smartphone, allowing them to show our staff what they’re seeing in real-time. They can show us what the issue is instead of having to describe what they’re seeing verbally. The software can even read lengthy and complex part and VIN numbers, which can be hard for customers to provide verbally over the phone.

“We can point out areas on their screen and help the customer to identify the problem they’re experiencing with their boat or RV. They can also share photos from a past time and date, so if they aren’t able to call immediately, they can show us what issues they experienced at a previous time.