OLPRO launches international partnership with Cabanon

UK-based tent and outdoors company OLPRO has launched an international partnership with French tent expert Cabanon, allowing OLPRO to supply Cabanon tents to the UK market.

The arrangement will see OLPRO supplying seven new ranges of Cabanon’s 100 per cent cotton canvas tents in the UK, which are all waterproof and feature breathable and lightweight designs.

Daniel Walton, managing director of OLPRO, said: “OLPRO has grown from strength to strength over the last nine years and we recognise that our online offering at OLPROSHOP.COM is what keeps customers coming back. We’re incredibly proud of our range of tents and campervan awnings but what Cabanon offers is something different – 100% Cotton tents, perfect for these hotter summers. “We’re therefore proud to be working alongside another quality brand in a partnership that sees us distributing 7 ranges of their tents from our base in the UK.”

Francoise Cerulus of Cabanon, said: “Cabanon, founded in 1959 in France, a well-known brand in the United Kingdom is proud to announce that OLPRO is joining our distribution network in UK. We are happy to join efforts with this innovative company to promote our brand and develop our sales in UK. Long life to our partnership.”

The international partnership builds on a number of recent success stories for OLPRO. The company has seen a surge in demand for its products and orders have increased by 39% year on year.