Record 110,000 visitors attend Salone del Camper in Italy

The wave of positivity that is surging through the European caravan and motorhome market this summer recently arrived on the shores of Italy. Despite the challenges facing the industry in terms of chassis supply and raw material shortages, the country’s premiere caravan and motorhome show, Salone del Camper, just reported its highest ever attendance in its 13-year history. The show, which took place in Parma from 10 to 18 September, attracted more than 110,000 exhibitors over its nine-day duration. It also housed more than 300 exhibitors from 15 different countries, which included 41 manufacturers’ brands and covered more than five pavilions. This attendance figure is a 10 per cent increase on 2021 and should also get much more coverage than normal with 471 accredited media including journalists, bloggers, and YouTubers in attendance, as well as television and radio coverage.

These incredible results were forecast, however there was always a lingering doubt given the cost of living crisis gripping the European continent, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the aforementioned manufacturing issues. The motorhome phenomenon in Italy is still riding high above all of these issues – FAITA-FederCamping, the association that represents more than 2,600 companies in the sector, said that the first four months of the tourism season in 2022 recorded an eight per cent increase in arrivals in Italy, far exceeding the levels of 2019. The growth of tourism in Italy has become such a poignant matter that the country’s Government has been called into action to help ensure it has the correct infrastructure to handle the influx of caravans and motorhomes on its roads – the record-breaking Salone del Camper only further enhances that point. Italian tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia stressed that the success of the show proves the point that camping is the backbone of the Italian tourism industry, which represents about nine per cent of the country’s GDP. Mr. Garavaglia attended the show and announced there that he has allocated funds to help construct more than 1,000 new motorhome parking areas across Italy to be added to the estimated 2,000 that already exist.

Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma, said: “Itinerant tourism confirms itself as a megatrend capable of influencing the economy. A megatrend capable of influencing the growth of the Italian tourism industry. It is an opportunity that the Italian government, regions, and municipalities must seize, because it favours the local and national economy, enriches lesser-known territories and interprets the transformation of tourism in a sustainable way. Moreover, the fact that of the 25 million Italians who went on holiday in 2022, one in five planned to stay outdoors suggests that the growth of the phenomenon has become structural. Since the data are not yet definitive, and given the trend, it is conceivable that the season will close even more favourably. more favourable. With the Camper Salon, Fiere di Parma underlines the importance of tourism and contributes to its development.”

Simone Niccolai, president of Associazione Produttori Camper (APC), added: “The massive turnout of visitors at the Salone del Camper clearly demonstrated the great interest of Italians towards the world of itinerant tourism: not only for holidays but also as a smart use of leisure time, in complete safety and comfort. Today, true luxury is just that. We were also very happy with the participation of the institutions, starting with the Minister of Tourism, the presence of many Italian Regions, exhibitors at the Show, and many Mayors from many parts of Italy, a sign that the administrations have understood the tourism relevance of our sector for the economic development of the territories.”

Next year’s event will once again take place at the Fiere di Parma from 9 to 17 September, 2023.

Main image © Salone del Camper, Fiere di Parma