Seven of the best camping and RV products out now

SAWIKO – Trigo-Van Carrier System

Many rear carrier systems on panel vans block the hinged doors and obstruct access into the vehicle. This is not the case with the brand-new TRIGO-VAN from SAWIKO. It ensures free access to the rear doors at all times. Thanks to its user-friendly and ergonomic design, the rear carrier can be manoeuvred effortlessly and safely, even when loaded. Speaking of loading: with a payload of around 80 kg, the TRIGO-VAN is ideal for two bicycles, including standard e-bikes. The transport platform can be folded up while the towbar remains fully usable.

ALDE – Aquaclear UV-C

The Alde AquaClear UV-C is a final stage water disinfection unit providing efficient, non-chemical, extra low voltage water disinfection designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes. Alde AquaClear UV-C provides a layer of safety to the water supply, focused on removing harmful viruses and bacteria. It cleans water with UV light generated from special LEDs. In addition to being free from active chemicals, LED has several other advantages. It is robust and shock resistant, maintenance free and has a low energy consumption.

OUTWELL – Superior tents

Four new models and the development of some innovative new features such as Outtex performance fabric has pushed the Outwell Superior range of inflatable family tents to even greater heights. The latest additions include three Springville models offering different two-zone floorplans with extended porch, and the three-zone Forestville 6SA with Panoramic front. All showcase the Scandinavian brand’s innovation, top design and superb quality that help achieve the ultimate outdoor experience for the family camper.

OMNIA – Oven

A simple yet ingenious design, the Omnia oven gives you the power to cook things evenly thanks to the combination of the pan, base and lid providing heat from both above and below. It can be used on pretty much any heat source with the exception of induction stovetops and is fast-becoming a hit with campers around the world. It is perfect for cooking meals or even baking and is available with a wide range of accessories including thermometers and cook books.

ARMA – Camping toilet

This foldable toilet is a perfect sanitary solution for camping and wide range of other outdoor activities. The foldable design means it can be packed down into an incredibly small size and fit into almost any bag or panier. The toilet takes toilet bags and standard toilet chemicals and is also supplied with 12 disposable bags to get you started. It can withstand 150kg of weight and features a fully hinged toilet seat for comfort and easy bag change.

BALLISTOL – Sting-free mosquito repellent

Made using natural plant oils, Stingfree offers six-hour protection against insect bites from critters such as gnats, stinging flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, sandflies, tropical mopane flies and tsetse flies. It has been thoroughly tested in almost every part of the world. It also features a UV-B filter for some sun protection and actively hydrates your skin, as well as carrying a pleasant smell.


SuperSprings are a simple, bolt-on, steel helper spring that eliminates rear-end sag and stabilizes sway & body roll. Built in the USA from high-grade shot peened steel, this suspension solution allows you to add everything including the kitchen sink, without sacrificing your ride quality. It’s a really impressive solution, especially for heavy RVs. The SuperSpring design includes a patented roller shackle on each end that allows for self-adjustment as weight is changed. This is particularly helpful as you add water or gear to your RV.