Structural reorganisation for Ballistol in Latin American market

Ballistol ­– a universal oil expert with products that have many applications in camping – has reorganised its business structure to better serve the Latin American market. The German company has announced that Johannes Knecht will be responsible for the distribution of Ballistol products in Latin Ameirca from autumn 2021. Johannes has worked as international key account manager for Ballistol since the beginning of 2012, he has also looked after European customers and helped develop the company’s business in Canada, China and the Middle East. 

Johannes said: “It was a great, exciting time with many projects and activities that made the Ballistol brand and its products known and successful overseas. Over time, this has resulted in many new customer contacts and even friendships.”

As well as taking over the sales of Ballistol in Latin America, Johannes will also be setting up independent sales activities for other brands that fit into his owverall concept.

Ballistol has a strong reputation in the gun care, technology and skin care fields, but it also has a wide range of products perfect for the camping and RV sectors too, including barbecue cleaner, waterproofing spray, universal and plastic cleaner, and sting-free mosquito repellent. 

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