SuperSprings International launches first levelling kits for towing

Suspension expert SuperSprings International (SSI) has launched a new product line of levelling kits that are built specifically for levelling and loading up – perfect for users of towable RVs and caravans. Levelling kits are often one of the first upgrades many truck users look to install, but there has never before been one in the marketplace that prioritises getting the trick to a level stance while simultaneously prioritising load support so that the truck keeps that stance when loaded up or when towing.

SSI’s Journey Better Levelling Kits are designed to create additional clearance that allows truck owners room to add bigger tyres and do so in a way that doesn’t create a problem when weight is added, namely rear-end sag.

SSI President, Adam Weisner, said: “We have countless customers coming to us after they’ve installed a levelling kit, looking to get a fix for their sagging truck when they load up. We’ve got over 25 years in business focused on innovating suspension and decided to leverage that to create a new holistic solution that allows customers to get the best of both worlds. These new kits are the result of customers asking for a better solution to level up and stay there.”

In announcing this new product line, SSI is releasing a 2-inch levelling kit for the 2014 – present 2WD & 4WD RAM 2500 with a kit for the 2015 – present 4WD F-150 coming shortly thereafter. The new RAM 2500 leveling kit has already received strong initial feedback from customers, claiming that “the ride and handling are better towing than factory”, and that “the truck doesn't sag near as much as it used to with any … trailers attached”.