Third best year on record for RV industry in US

Before it ended, the RV Industry Association (RVIA) was predicting that 2022 was still on course to be a ‘top five year’ in terms of wholesale RV shipments, despite some decline in numbers compared to 2021. Well, the data is now confirmed, and guess what? They were right. 2022 was in fact the third best ever year for RV shipments after the final monthly survey of manufacturers in the industry in the USA showed that 493,268 were made.

RVIA president and CEO, Craig Kirby, said: “Coming off of the all-time high in 2021, the RV industry continued to post strong shipments through the first half of 2022. As expected, we saw shipment numbers normalize off of those record highs in the second half of the year as the industry returned to production numbers seen pre-COVID.”

The 2022 figure was down on that all-time record of 600,240 by 17.8 per cent. Within that, towables were down 20.1 per cent, motorhomes were up 3.9 per cent and park model RVs were up 20.4 per cent.

Craig added: “Our industry builds a product that allows people to prioritize not only spending time with family and friends but also experiencing the many physical and mental health benefits of being in the great outdoors. With so many younger and more diverse buyers flocking to RV travel in the past few years, the long-term future of the RV industry remains bright.”