Winnebago all-electric RV is a step closer as latest prototype revealed

The first all-electric, zero-emission Winnebago RV that consumers can buy is a step closer after the legendary RV brand revealed its latest fully operational prototype at the Florida RV Super Show this week. Known as the eRV2, this prototype emerged from the original eRV concept vehicle that debuted at the same Florida show in 2022. Winnebago claims the eRV2, built on a Ford E-Transit chassis, is the most advanced all-electric RV yet and will continue to undergo rigorous field testing with everyday consumers to inform the final design before it hits dealerships in the future.

Huw Bower, president of the Winnebago brand, said: “Our primary goal in building the eRV2 was to help people comfortably explore the world around them with less environmental impact. The user experience was at the heart of this prototype’s development, through the early days of market research and even now as it goes through field testing. The eRV2 embodies our pioneering legacy, representing not only an achievement in design, innovation, and sustainability, but also our commitment to continuously evolve with the changing needs of consumers and the world we share.”

The powertrain and the house systems of the eRV2 are powere by electricity, allowing for silent and environmentally responsible travel, and up to seven days of Boondocking, aided in part by a 900-Watt solar capacity. The current generation of the Ford E-Transit chassis it is built on has a published range of 108 miles, with Winnebago claiming this is suitable for a pilot programme and that it is actively pursuing range extension opportunities to incorporate into a future commercial version of the vehicle.

As well as its zero-emission design, many other aspects of the eRV2 are sustainably made including extensive use of recycled materials throughout the interior, cab seat coverings made with renewable plant-based materials, acrylic countertops made from biodegradable materials, and a unique broad colour spectrum allowing users to customise interior lights from white to red to help reduce light pollution and negative effects of artificial light on flora and fauna.

All images and video © Winnebago Industries.